She said,you look different,I said  well, I guess (for Marisa), 2017

I married Isis on the fifth day of  may (for Annemiek), 2017

So I cut of my hair and I rode straight away (for Jackie), 2017

Untitled (blouse) #1, 2016  

The Snake has a Body Beautiful,2016  

I was young and not gloomy 2015

Squeeze the Peel of the Oranges 2015

Never To Go On Trips With Anyone You Do Not Love,2015

I, I Will Be King, 2016  

You, You Will Be Queen, 2016  

I said,I got no money,he said,that ain't necessary (for Koen), 2017

Miss Beaumont #5, 2015  

Cecile de Volanges #1, 2015  

Mia Wallace #5, 2014  

To Sprarkle Stardust and To Whisper #1, 2014

To Sparkle Stardust and To Whisper #2, 2014

Untitled (Suit #6), 2014 34.25 x 11.02 x variable inch