Whatbar #10 Kenepa Chiki  


One Place After Another - Curacao

A 10 days workperiod on Curacao, Dutch Antilles.
I visited Koen Delaere at the IBB guesthouse, and worked there in the garden.
I made mostly works on paper, inspired by the colors of the Island, mainly beautiful pastels.

Together we did Whatbar#10. A sort of reprise of our Whatbar#0 in Barcelona: just the two of us improvising a 'bar' on the spur of the moment. We made two small installations on the beaches of Kenepa Chiki and Lagun. With just turtles to visit.

The trip was a strange, pardaoxical experience. With on the one hand the beautiful beaches and the snorkling above the most exiting exotic plants, fishes and corals you can image and on the other hand the confrontation with the reality of a post-colonial feel that shines through everything.