Bas van den Hurk, z.t., 2011  

Bas vd Hurk - Christopher Williams  



Groupshow The Passenger
Gallery Paul Andriesse, Amsterdam, 2011

A.R. Penck
Ann Lislegaard
Bas van den Hurk
Christian Marclay
Christopher Williams
Daan van Golden
Duane Michals
Gwenneth Boelens
Henri Jacobs
Ian Wilson
Jan de Pavert
Maria Eichhorn
Michael Landy
Oliver Laric
Rene Daniels
Richard Hamilton
Sigmar Polke
Sol Lewitt
Yutaka Sone

curator: Marijn van Kreij

The Passenger was the first solo exhibition of Marijn van Kreij at Gallery Paul Andriesse. For this occasion he curated in the second room of the gallery a groupshow. In this second room he brought together works of the private collection of Paul Andriesse, works of artists of the gallery and he specificly invited some other artists that he feels related to, to make a guestcontribution for this show. I was invited to make a work that hung next to Christopher Williams work PA-CHW-007.

Special was also that the work Walldrawing #124: Horizontal not straight lines of Sol LeWitt from 1972 was carried out with the help of several guests en the artists involved in the exhibition. For that work I also drew a line.